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Ritambhara Sahni - About Me - My History - Belly Dance Institute Mumbai

 My name is Ritambhara Sahni 
 i am born in and belong to the my city of dreams - Mumbai. 
Dance has been my passion ever since i stood on my two feet and i started learning and performing professionally from the age of 6 years.
 And so i have studied various free style dance forms in India as well as abroad ever since and here goes my story with dance.....

As destiny would have it, I, Ritambhara Sahni was born into an inspiring family that was deeply entwined in the performing arts. My mother, Shrimati Indu Suresh Sahni was the prime voice and the leading announcer behind the mikes of the All India Radio while my aunt, Jyoti Sharma, was a noteworthy actress especially in the Gujarati theater. So, i too had naturally found an inclination towards performing arts which my mother supported. With all due credit, she laid out several platforms to perform and encouraged me to pursue all the dances i desired to learn, noticing with a keen eye that I had a passion for the dancing realm and gave me various performance opportunities in various events back then. 

belly dance institute mumbai review
Ritambhara Sahni's Mother - Shrimati Indu Sahni - All India Radio -Head  announcer

Very early on, i had gotten the opportunity to work alongside Sabira Merchant in a play called ‘the chameleon’ which was aired on the radio several times. Apart from working as a child artist and giving my voice on the radio, i had also interviewed several celebrities. Known to have a beautiful voice, i had done many voice overs, dubbing and a lot of work on the radio as a child artist. 
Being the youngest, there was a wide age gap between my brother and me. But i had begun to work early on and realized i enjoyed working! I was versatile with a talent for singing, dancing, voice overs, dubbing and acting. Entertaining and mimicry came naturally to me and I loved the spotlights on me. My parents let me be who i chose to be and i chose to be an achiever. With an earnest tenacity i desired to excel and continue to be self reliant, independent and hard working. I might have only been 6, but i knew this was my path and i would take the challenges on the trodden path go meet my envisioned goals.

I had a dream. A dream to break all parameters and excel beyond expectations. The desire to reach out and impact as many lives as i possibly could through my dance was so intense that i found myself choreographing and directing dance sequences for my school. I soon found myself taking it a step further and managing dance events for several schools and colleges. Through the window of opportunities, i worked with various immensely talented choreographers from India as well as abroad for several events in varied dance forms like jazz, rock n roll, contemporary and Bollywood. I worked with choreographers like Santosh Shetty and Sandeep Soi in musical plays as well as appeared as a supporting actress for Dr. Yusuf Merchants musical play, Bekaraar, a theme set against drugs. 

During the late 80’s and early 90’s dance as a profession was questioned but that didn't deter me and never shifted my focus from dance. Though i did pass a CA course and graduated as a law student, I continued to hold private dance classes and choreograph dance sequences for colleges and corporate events. I also shared my love through dance in charity events for YWCA and the Rotaract club of mumbai. I worked ceaselessly and also judged dance performances for college events where i studied. I had achieved a lot by the time i had touched my 20’s and dance had become the air I breathed and a way of life I leaded. I also won the all rounder award in my college H.R. college of commerce and economics and brought a lot of glory to my college in the field of performing arts and sports.

My father paved the way for my future, encouraging me to follow my dreams and study extensively in the field of dance. And so I packed my bags and set off to the homes i was blessed with in America and Europe to begin a formal education in urban hip hop, jazz, flamenco, contemporary, tap dance, Bollywood and belly dance. With ambition as my guiding force and armed with extensive knowledge, i returned to Mumbai and ceaselessly worked towards creating Ritambhara Sahni as a brand name in Mumbai's art fraternity by establishing 
Ritambhara Sahni's institute for the performing arts in 1996 where I taught the dance forms I had formally learnt. After mastering all the techniques and genres of belly dance I soon after established - belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni in 2005. The institutes have been going strong ever since and teaching dance has strengthened as a passion over time.

Ritambhara Sahni belly dance
Ritambhara Sahni with her team members at Ritambhara Sahni's Institute for the performing arts

belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni
Ritambhara Sahni with her team memebers at Ritambhara Sahni's institute for the performing arts.

 I simultaneously working in serials with Sunjoy Wadhwa who heads sphere origins [makers of Balika Vadhu], also worked in many mythological serials with Sagar arts and also worked with Ajay Shah productions and Karnik communications.

belly dance institute mumbai review
Ritambhara Sahni in Shaheen Serial for Ajay Shah Productions

Belly Dance Institute Mumbai review
Ritambhara Sahni in Alif Laila series for Sagar Arts

 I was almost chosen as an RJ for radio mirchi but since I had my own institute it didn’t materialize. Well, I explored the multiple streams of the performances in and I succeeded because I put in my best foot forward. I have always believed that there is no ticket to success but it only is a reflection of hard work and persistence. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going, so obstacles have been my milestone and perseverance makes me not rest at being the best but being absolutely excellent in my endeavors. 

I also started dance and fitness workouts at Qi gym and exert gym. I organised in house shows for my institute - Ritambhara Sahni's Institute For the Performing Arts caled 'June Hip Hop' and'Footloose" during the period 1998 to 2005. My write ups appeared in all leading publications between the years 2001 and 2005 where i had i could say that I reached the peak of my career. Post 2005 came a change in my life and i started to live with my father in the hospital as he was old and never use to keep well. However fighting strong, I continued Ritambhara sahni's Institute For the performing arts and never gave up on my father or my students. I also launched way back then Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni and also launched tap dance and flamenco in my institute for the performing arts.

Ritambhara Sahni's belly Dance Institute Mumbai
Ritambhara Sahni with her students when she launched Belly Dance Institute Mumbai by Ritamhara Sahni

I have been teaching dance professionally for 20 years now and belly dance specifically for 11 years. With a strong base in hip hop I was quick to master tribal belly dance and have my expanse of knowledge stretch from forms and fusions to the use of multiple props in belly dance. Knowledge is the result of a blazing passion that never makes the learning stop and after all these years the desire to learn every minute aspect of belly dance has only grown my knowledge a thousandfold. The knowledge is then volumnized to choreographing a dance sequence, teaching and then creating performing artists which becomes the experience of my years. The exhilarating art of dance consumes every part of my being to become a soulful dream and a beautiful reality. 

Being a strong Hip Hop dancer , i can say that when i perform Hip Hop, i can conquer the world and when i perform belly dance i feel beautiful. However Tribal belly dance makes me feel powerful and beautiful as a woman.

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Review / Testimonial by Ritambhara Sahni's student

Throughout my years at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai, I have always looked up to my teacher - Ritambhara Sahni mam and her assistants as well as her team of instructors. I love the way the belly dance class is conducted at this amazing belly dance class in Mumbai. The belly dance instructors really care about you and the atmosphere is also so positive. Love belly dancing and i wear my belly dance belt i guess almost all the time at home , i guess sometimes i have even gone to sleep wearing it. Belly dance belts add magic to belly dance and i was looking for belly dance belts in Mumbai for a long time before joinng Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance institute Mumbai. i was so so glad to belly dance with my belly dance belt on day 1 of my belly dance class.  I had hoped to become an assistant to Ritambhara Sahani mam when I was old enough. This wish came true when this past year I was given the opportunity by mam to become an assistant. Being an assistant was truly an amazing and uplifting experience for me, because I was able to learn so much about becoming a leader, taking initiative, using my voice, and being a role model just like my teacher - Ritambhara Sahni. Assisting also really helped me gain experience in working with females from all age groups. I have also learned from the institute about taking initiative and using my voice in order to help the students in turn. I have had an amazing year at this belly dance class in Mumbai and i do treat it now as my own belly dance class, and I have truly loved being an assistant and i wish to grow as one! I want to thank Belly dance institute Mumbai and its team of instructors for being wonderful teachers to me and for giving me the opportunity to assist this year.”

Aarshiya Khan 


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  1. I began belly dancing 2 years ago at belly dance institute Mumbai by Ritambhara Sahni and was looking for a fun way to spend my time and learn something new and exciting at the same time. I was surly not disappointed! I initially joined at the bandra khar center and now i attent at the andheri center. I would love to leave my review or testimonial right here.Not only is belly dancing fun, it is a fantastic way to exercise both the body & mind! With Ritambhara Sahni mam's cheerful and patient guidance I have advanced within the 12th level and have been successful in various inter college belly dance competitions. I have a great time in the group classes at Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance institute Mumbai and enjoy meeting newcomers at the foundation building classes where i can go and practice my foundation techniques each time.I surly am delighted to be part of the Belly Dance Institute Mumbai family!” Now that I am in my third year of belly dancing at Belly Dance Institute Mumbai, I can honestly say I cannot think of myself doing anything better with my life. The fact that I am still belly dancing with the same girls I danced with 2 years ago truly shows the amount of community that surrounds this belly dance class in Mumbai. I can say with confidence that at eighteen years old, I still get excited for a new level belly dance registration every year because it means getting to spend another year with my belly dance family; we always get nervous backstage before our belly dance show organised by Ritambhara Sahni mam called Hip-nosis Mumbai, and our excitement never ends when it comes to possibilities for the years to come. The number of opportunities I've encountered while at the belly dance institute Mumbai have been staggering, most recently becoming eligible to do assistant belly dance instructor exams to qualify to assist Ritambhara Sahni mam. If I wasn't belly dancing at this institute, I don't think my life would be as amazing as it is now. To come to Ritambhara Sahni's belly dance institute Mumbai not only means to be trained by fantastic teachers, it also marks the beginning of a new adventure which will last for decades to come."